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Whiskered White - A personal and poetic journey,

published 14 May 2022

Comments by L K Charlton about some of the poetry …

‘Lovely how you let the landscape express the passage of time’

‘I like the idea of renewal / regeneration … The cycle of life / continuity’

‘... very impressed by the themes in your poems.
The idea that the Tyne is the one common factor’

‘The whimsical and fanciful touches are a pleasure’

Tyneside verses from river and coast,

published 2 December 2018

Here are some comments from readers ... ...

"The poetry is wonderful, and so full of emotion - I found some of them very moving, particularly having known your lovely Mam and Dad through church. ... ... I feel there may be more verses to write, and if that's the case, will look forward to your next book!"


   Pat Lee (Cullercoats)

"I taught [you]. I remember your dad, local Methodist preacher. I keep going back to it [the book]".


   Mrs Walton (North Tyneside, past teacher at Priory Primary School,

                           Tynemouth, when the author was a pupil in the 1960s)

"It made me cry" ... "I didn't know you could do that" ... "Your parents would be proud of you."


   Pat Taylor (Hexham, Northumberland)

"I read your poem 'Caravan' the other day. Excellent work"


   Harriet Whitford (Jersey, Channel Islands)

'In this excellent book Dan writes with honesty about his memories, thoughts and feelings, both happy and painful. I found it very moving and enjoyable, and would highly recommend it to all.'


   Emma Hannen (Tynemouth)

'I found Daniel Turner's new book 'Tyneside verses' very moving but also inspirational and motivating. Very personal but also universal themes. Some really powerful writing there. Thoroughly recommended.'


   David Hirst, Tynemouth Fine Art (Tyne and Wear)

Life on the Tyne,

published 29 October 2016

Here are some reviews ... ...

'Daniel Turner's latest book Life on the Tyne is a beautifully produced new publication. Full of superb photographs by the author and jam packed with lots of well-researched information, new insights and fascinating facts - all lovingly complied by someone who really knows his subject. I thoroughly recommend this new book to anyone who lives in the area and it would be a very special gift for anyone who has moved away and wants a reminder of this unique place.'

     David Hirst, Tynemouth Fine Art (Tyne and Wear)

'Beautiful book full of wonderful photos of the North Shields Fish Quay.'

    Dave Young, Friends of Victor Noble Rainbird (Tyne and Wear)

'Jean and I have found it a fascinating read; good photographs brought further to life with great stories and detailed information. You must be very pleased with and proud of the book which, I'm sure will be cherished by many in the community you have described in it.'

   Barry Robinson (Sunderland)

A feature by journalist David Morton in the Newcastle Chronicle newspaper (Monday, 16 January 2017, pages 18 and 19) about the book

Life on the Tyne ... ... Chronicle feature

'Life on the Tyne, published in October 2016 is Daniel M. Turner's third book. It is a collection of the authors own photographs taken over time, mainly from the 1980s onwards. Most of the photos are focused mainly on the lower reaches of the River Tyne with many of them concentrating on the fish quay area of North Shields. The 90 or so featured pictures are all new material to the reader as they have never been published before. I read the authors first two publications with interest and enjoyed them both. His newest book however, is something a little different and I love the new style - it's as if it was written for me.'


'The book is 100 pages long, and each section follows a similar format. A glossy photo. with accompanying text,  offering the reader a descriptive commentary that includes factual information on the subject along with personal memories and related tales. Not much gets left out of the descriptions and the author doesn't forget to mention a local dog captured on film and even the fish quay public toilets get a mention, having said that though, the written text is concise and to the point. Each page closes with a reference to the camera settings used etc.'

'I enjoyed the book Life on the Tyne, and will continue to do so, as it's the type of book you'll go back to time and again. A great book to dip into.'


   Janet Singleton (North Shields)

Fish Quay Folk of North Shields,

published 1 December 2014

Here are some reviews ... ...

1. From Janis Blower of the Shields Gazette, published 1 December 2014 ...

     ...                                  Review by Janis Blower

2. From Janet Singleton, North Shields, 4 December 2014 ... ...


Thirteen, is a number regarded by some as unlucky. Not so, for Tynemouth born author Daniel M. Turner. In his new book 'Fish Quay Folk North Shields', published on 1st December this year, he introduces his readers to thirteen individuals, each with a close association to the fish quay, through fishing, the lifeboat, local trade etc. Each individual's story breathes life into the bricks and mortar of the fish quay through their daily lives.  The author succeeds in showing us that the area is not just a picturesque place, steeped in history, but a unique place, a working environment, with a character all of its own.

Daniel has researched each story thoroughly, and presented the narrative in an easy to read manner. His style is methodical and factual, and he succeeds in leaving us wanting to learn more about each individual.

This book has the look and feel of a top quality publication, and the photographs, many of them, the author's own, add to this. Also, the comprehensive list of references, internet sites used and acknowledgments facilitate follow up to be undertaken by the reader.

An all round good book and a great read.

Birds, beaches and boats,

published 14 November 2015

Here are some reviews ... ...

The lower reaches of the River Tyne, where she enters the great North Sea, are a wonderful place. A land and seascape influenced by the changing weather patterns, the constant ebb and flow of the tide, the comings and goings of river traffic and the general buzz of human activity along the fish quay area. Often standing at the hub of all this, you may see the man with the woolly hat, tripod and notebook. This man is Daniel Turner, author of a new publication ‘Birds, Beaches and Boats’.

The author, after making the big step from gainful employment into retirement, kept a detailed diary of his daily life as he embraced retirement, branching out into pursuing his passion for ornithology on a much wider scale. He is a trained and keen observer of everything that goes on around him and his jottings have been transformed into a quality, glossy publication covering a year in his life. His style of writing is an easy going, gentle narrative that draws you into his world. Some of his observations are very precise and sometimes the reader may wonder why they needed to know that it was 10.03 am rather than the more general idea that it was mid-morning when he opened the flask for morning refreshment.

The journal is set mainly on North Shields fish quay and the mouth of the river Tyne, but does venture further afield also. It is not just about birds but about everything that goes on as the author goes about his business, be it beach surveys, recording finds or working for various charities and other concerns. The author includes human interest tales as the characters go about their life and work.

The 261 page book itself has been professionally produced by White Wings Publishing, and includes many of the authors own photographs that add to the narrative. This is Daniel Turner’s second publication, his first book ‘Fish Quay Folk of North Shields’, introduced the reader to 13 fish quay characters and some of those also feature in this new book, not as the central focus this time, but incidental to the wider study of the areas concerned and man and nature walk side by side in the environment.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in bird life, nature, the fish quay area and N.E. coast in general. The author paints a pleasant picture of the area and I also learnt a lot too…and not just about birds.


Janet Singleton (North Shields)

'an enjoyable read and intriguing insight into the lives of so many people...'

     Steve Holliday (Northumberland)

‘I've started reading it - enjoying it. You write like you speak - I can hear your voice!’
     Pat Taylor (Northumberland)

’I am thoroughly enjoying reading [your books], they've become my metro buddies while I'm travelling to work.’

     Nicola Graham (Tyne and Wear)

Birds, beaches and boats…


Daniel Turner combines natural history with a wonderful account of the many beautiful places of the North East coast. His ability to record and describe in fascinating detail the information regarding the wide range of bird life is commendable. His book also gives an extraordinary account of the day to day life of the local people, written with a well developed insight into local history. Daniel Turner is an ambassador for north shields fish quay and all it offers.


Birds, beaches and boats will appeal to anyone who enjoys that sensation we experience on days out at the coast, the smell of the sea air, the cry of a gull, the sight of a fishing boat and the all important visit to the chippy. On a serious note this book highlights environmental issues and the impact plastic items have on our wonderful world and on our feathered friends.


This book will appeal to those interested in ornithology, conservation, history and north east people and places. For me though it was just a right riveting read. I felt that I was there walking next to Mr Turner on his many days out. I couldn’t wait to find out where we were going to visit next and what the day would bring. This book has inspired me to get out there and enjoy my local natural world and all within it.


Robert Sheridan (Newcastle upon Tyne)

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