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Daniel Turner’s five books ... 'Fish Quay Folk of North Shields', 'Birds, beaches and boats', 'Life on the Tyne', 'Tyneside verses from river and coast' and 'Whiskered White - A personal and poetic journey' are generally available (not all books at all locations) through:

(i) this website (and the instructions above);

(ii) the events shown on the News and Events page of this website. 

(iii) these other outlets ... 


   1) Old Low Light Heritage Centre, Clifford's Fort, North Shields Fish Quay;

   2) Keel Row Books, 93-97 Park View, Whitley Bay;

   3) Nile Street Post Office, North Shields;

   4) Natural History Book Service (NHBS) ... ('Birds, beaches

        and boats' only);

   5) North Shields / Whitley Bay Library;

   6) Priory Newsagents / Tynemouth Post Office, Percy Park Rd, Tynemouth;

   7) Waterstones (bookshops, nationwide, UK) - not in stock, but you can order

          copies in - see their on-line system;

   8) Newbiggin-by-the-Sea Maritime Centre (Northumberland);

   9) The Word (South Shields Library) - National Centre for the Written Word;

   10) Meander Gifts (266-268 Whitley Road, Whitley Bay);

   11) The Bound (Park View, Whitley Bay);

   12) Morpeth Chantry (Northumberland);


For full list of current outlets where 'Life on the Tyne' may be purchased, see

Life on the Tyne (book) tab and go to the base of its page. You may also order through this website - see appropriate selection below.

Life on the Tyne

Activities on the River Tyne (Northeast England) in text and picture with photos, by the author, mainly from 1984-1993 and 2007-2016. With a major focus on the lower reaches of the Tyne and North Shields fish quay including recollections from river folk.

Life on the Tyne
Fish Quay Folk of North Shields

The lives of thirteen people (born between 1923 and 1967) with close ties to North Shields Fish Quay in Northeast England

Fish Quay Folk of North Shields (please select correct postal rate from UK)
Birds, beaches and boats

Northeast Coastal Diary, 2011. A year in the author's life. Coastal bird surveys in Northeast England, conversations with fishermen & lifeboat men, fund-raising for Tynemouth lifeboat station, volunteer driving, etc.

Book available from 13 November 2015.

Birds, beaches and boats (please select correct postal rate from UK)


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