an exhibition of art and ornithology

At the Old Low Light, North Shields fish quay,

from late March to end September 2015.

Tidelines II (large plinth)
Alan Campbell MP and other dignitaries at the Old Low Light

The ‘Tidelines’ exhibition is a collaboration between artist Stephen Livingstone and ornithologist Daniel Turner. The exhibition is on the first floor of the Old Low Light (North Shields fish quay) ... in the Interpretation Gallery. This was officially opened by Tynemouth MP Alan Campbell on 26 March 2015.

Tidelines’ explores the mysteries of the links between the tides, the moon and life along the tideline.

Drawer 1 in the Cabinet of Curiosities

The art work (by Stephen Livingstone) is shown alongside bird specimens lent by the Northeast England Beached Bird Surveys Group and others from Daniel Turner. The beached bird group has existed since 2003 and aims to collect, study and record sea birds, waders and migratory species washed up by the tides on Northeast England shorelines. Daniel instigated and co-ordinates the group.

Drawer 22 in the Cabinet of Curiosities

Instruments of Calculation and Divination’ consists of imagined fragments of machines and charms made to anticipate the movements of the Moon and wading birds following the tideline. The filter and depositional drawings are made using sea coal which is mined by the sea from coal seams exposed on the seabed and washed ashore by the tides. The photograph to the left shows Drawer 11 in the Cabinet of Curiosities.

Drawer 7 in the Cabinet of Curiosities. Filter drawings made using river mud and powdered sea coal

The exhibition comprise three plinths of different sizes with exhibits atop, a rusting office cabinet enclosing ‘moons’ of sea coal, depositional drawings and a cabinet of curiosities. Inside the cabinet there are thirty-one drawers that may be opened (carefully please) to expose the bird and ‘Instruments’ artefacts within. Altogether in the exhibition there are 37 bird artefacts (ranging from complete birds to skulls, wings and bones) from 22 species. At the medium plinth (Tidelines III), with the ringed plover and polystyrene balls, there are laminated sheets which you may handle and read - they outline the different bird species displayed and their local links (please replace the sheets after use). On the back of each drawer you will find a label explaining about the bird artefact contained inside.

Rusting cabinet with 'moons' of sea coal, part of 'Tidelines' exhibition
Plinth with Ringed Plover and polystyrene balls
Cabinet of Curiosities with 31 drawers to open and explore

There are printed A4 sheets above the cabinet of curiosities which explain a little more about the exhibition, the artist and the beached bird project … please take one to read at your leisure.

Drawer 30 in the Cabinet of Curiosities
Drawer 14 in the Cabinet of Curiosities
Montage of the Cabinet of Curiosities (and its drawers) in the 'Tidelines' exhibition
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