General Diary, 2020 onwards 

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13 September 2020, Sunday, Northumberland


Walked around Morpeth town and river on this bright and warm day. Above the town flew house martins and a swallow while down by the river there was a tall grey heron, mallards and grey wagtail. In the woodland a nuthatch sang clearly from the trees above low brambles with ripening blackberries. Several visitors paddled in their boats on the fine Wansbeck and I crossed the old stepping stones as the river flowed contentedly.

Riverside panel, Morpeth, 13 Sept 2020

13 September 2020, Sunday, Northumberland (second entry)


My sister and brother-in-law, Emma and Chris, accompanied me at Morpeth. Down along the river Wansbeck we walked past sycamores, lime and a strong, low-sweeping horse chestnut tree. I used to come here as a teenager and try my hand at angling with artificial flies. I would wear my angling bag which rested at my hip from a shoulder strap and carried my line, reel, fishing flies and book of knots.

Emma and Chris beside the Wansbeck
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